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Arte Studio is a premier Wedding Photography and Videography company in Montreal, Quebec. Our style of wedding photography is deeply rooted in fashion, wedding and corporate photojournalism, influenced by fine art. We totally pride ourselves in creating and not just being photographers, videographers but rather artist’s unique in expressive imagery and visuals. The result is creative, clean, crisp, romantic, fun, and emotional wedding photography for your investment. We have developed our team that is critically acclaimed for developing a unique style of wedding photography and cinematography, cinema. Our approach is to capture the spirit and emotions of your wedding or event in a creative way while at the same time revealing moments that might may have gone unnoticed. Best Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Montreal, corporate events, packages prices for all budgets.

We are very happy to document and have fun at the same time while creating your special moment in time, and admire two souls committed to the promise of forever love, captured, frozen in time by us.

Our Signature Style can be described as vibrant, clean, high definition, crisp, skin tones are accurate and the natural colors of every shot or frame of the each scene, giving the client an image and visuals of total beauty, please see samples on our web site.

We absolutely love what I do and it shows in our final product, which is to capture life’s most heartfelt moments through our lens. Since we founded our wedding photography and videography company our style has evolved as timeless, elegant, creative, unique, candid, distinguished, energetic, glamorous, human, memorable, nostalgic, passionate, personalized, unusual, unobtrusive, sophisticated, spectacular, stunning, traditional, timeless, and trendsetting.

For us wedding photography is all about documenting endless celebrations, stories of love, emotions, happiness, we also specialize in luxury weddings, timeless images capturing creative, elegance and with a modern appeal to it. As wedding photographers and videographers we are privileged to document these moments, instants, breaths, happy tears of a bride and groom while saying I do and yes, to one another. Each wedding is unique so every job we do is unique to every client, we are fortunate to connect with happy couples get to know them in person before their big day. We love hearing the story that led to their special day this way we are better able to adapt to their style and needs.

The event is all about you and your celebration, every couple has their own love tale to tell that leads them to have everlasting memories that are special to them as a couple. we see it as a unique opportunity after every shutter release a moment forever sealed in time to capture your best bride (bridal) and groom portraits, candid moments and delicate details. Arte Studio in Montreal will document your wedding so you can enjoy every minute of your celebration in a natural and non-obstructive way, As your wedding photographer and videographer we understand the importance of taking beautiful photos and videos with sentimental traditional and details that are unique to your wedding celebrations.

The wedding day is special, the union of two people, two families, two lives which become one, but weddings can also be hectic, if fact when the customer books us they can rest assured that we will guide them with the smartest protocol, all our staff is kind and will cooperate with everybody involved in the event, will handle whatever the day will throw our way, at the same time meeting your artistic taste, our team who has the experience, to curate your wedding story, and to produce the most beautiful and authentic, work imaginable for your investment.

Arte Studio is best known for their creative and comfortable style beautiful storytelling and impactful editorial of people pictures and videos. Combined with boundless energy magazine-worthy and determination, we offer our clients an unmatched quality of service that results in lifestyle, event and portrait images. Through our lens, we will document the most genuine expressions by utilizing the sense of humor, skilled art direction capturing distinctive and unique personalities, taking in consideration the client's comfort level.

Since we began our team has grown to be one of the most widely recognized, award winning photography and videography studios in Montreal Quebec, but not limited locally we can travel overseas if needed, and we can't wait till our next assignment to experience the next challenge, It's what we do best we specialize in photographing, video graphing people. Our photography and cinematic style is timeless, emotional, consistent, clean and our formula for getting the perfect shot is very important, the client can always rely on our talent, skill, and training with our experience throughout the years.

Our relaxed portraiture and capturing real emotion prides yourself on finding that exact moment when you look your best and maybe not always, since some pictures will be candid and will do whatever it takes to get that amazing worthy shot. Our staff will make you look perfectly calm even if you aren't. On your shoot day, our laid-back attitude puts you at ease, we also learned to document the intricate and distinctive details of different customs and cultures of different countries and nationalities in the world, internationally, please view our gallery some samples.

We love photographing in Montreal because there are so many different types of terrains, varieties of outdoor locations to work with. Montreal has so many magical spots and amazing rooftop views and sunsets. I also enjoy taking pictures in the rain and during late hour sunsets, using backlighting special effects outside, and taking documentary/candid photos of all happening on a wedding day.

We also cater to special events such as corporate functions, commercial photography and videography, product launches, galas, anniversaries, tournaments, fundraising events with businesses in Montreal, lifestyle photography, complete photo retouching, and video editing that will make you laugh and tear, elegant wedding photography and videography packages, costs are available upon request, we have packages for all budgets.

We believe our job is to capture your magical day in the most authentic way unobtrusively, honestly, joyfully. We feel honored to be participants in every wedding we shoot and treat everybody involved with the highest level of respect, weddings are a day filled with beauty and magic that emerges effortlessly. We believe that weddings are a social celebration that day we are commitment totally to creating your memories.

We understand that each couple is unique in their style, their personality and biography so we strive to produce images that reflect that individuality. We understand our client needs for exclusive, and always exceed their expectations. We are always well aware in the latest wedding trends and bride preferences. Our approach is contemporary and always in the best of taste we strive for the perfect combination of timeless elegance and fresh style.

The era of static assembly line coverage and common photography, ordinary albums is over. We limit the number of posed and staged photographs instead we highlight the candid laughter, tears and passion that you and your guests will be feeling without our heavy involvement in your face that nobody likes. Our focus is on capturing dramatic, architecturally artistic images with a variety of journalistic style photography and cinematography. We represent the grace, distinction and style that is possible in wedding photography. Our cutting edge photography, videography studio, offering the most recent advances in the photography and cinematic field.

Thank you for visiting the site and I look forward to getting to know you and of course to document on of the most important days of your life, you’re wedding.