The photographer profession, what is it?

The idea of being able to be a photographer as a second job, as this occupation takes place: the photographer.
- Is a war between photographers or have assignments scanned and safe
- You means you must find buyer or are you employed by someone?
a bit short, everything you need to understand what is really the profession of photographer.

• The job of the photographer can not be a second job and can not be explained in two words, you need to know how to take pictures, knowing how to present and knowing how to sell, there are photographers who make millions and photographers who are hungry like all the work by freelancer!

Photography is not difficult, to sell the photos is complicated, but if you go in just right you can do it

As a professional marriage photographer.

The wedding photographer is thrilled to be its immediacy and uniqueness, as a game created by lights, emotions and shadows.

Obviously the world of photography (and labor) study is not enough, you should always test, upgrade and especially to all the experiences needed to become a thorough professional.

Wedding photography excited for its uniqueness and immediacy, like a game created by lights, emotions and shadows.


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